How to Sign Up

We do not have anonymous Sign-Up function from web site at this stage, but you can always sign up from the app on your smart devices. After installing the app onto your smart devices, you can launch the app. The app does not require sign up before using. You can always test the functions and enjoy the free study materials. If you are using old smart device, you can click the soft menu button to bring up the function menu; if you are using new smart devices, you can always click the three dot icon on the right top of the screen to draw down the function menu. Choose the "Sign Up" item, and then you can follow the instructions to sign up. If you wish to use as anonymous user, answer the question that you do not have an assigned user ID. Eventually, you will see the "Create anonymous account" button.

If you have a pre-registered user name and password, you can use it to sign up and bind the device with the user name. The pre-registered user name can be obtained from promotion events, or from your teacher, or even from your parents or guardian. Especially, if you are 13 years old or under, you cannot sign up unless your parents or guardians approve the sign up request. The sign up screens in the app could help you get the approval from parents or guardians.

You can always sign up with anonymous user name if you are older than thirteen. Later, the enhanced app or the web site will allow you to update your user profile with email address as your user name. The purpose of using email address as user name is to allow us provide more accurate communication with you, and also allow confirmation of various purchase functions for studying materials in the full version of the Story Caterpillar app.

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